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3D Lenticular 
3D Anaglyph

.3D Lenticular Products :

Lenticular is a printing technology to convert a series of still images into animated presentation by pressing many parallel rows of tiny cylindrical convex lens on a plastic surface.  Through special process, preset Images will be transferred into parallel strips before connecting with others alternatively. This special designed strips fit perfectly with lens’ pitch, and animated images will be formed though out the refraction.

3D Zooming

Combining the amazing depth of 3D with the added effects of zooming motion.

The depth of 3D with the added effects of zooming motion.


Zooming Lenticular images give the effect of scaling the image up and down in size, by forward and reverse movement.

3D Effect

3D Lenticulars add another dimension and added realism to your artwork, without the need for any special optics or glasses. Using special layering, separation techniques and screens, any standard 2D artwork can be transformed in to an awe-inspiring display of visual impact.


Especially great for advertising. Morphing lenticulars allow you to smoothly transform from one image into another, by moving the lenticular horizontally or vertically.


Motion Lenticulars give the impression of animation. By using a horizontal or vertical flip, the whole image can come alive with movement.

Application ideas:

   - Mouse mats, Post cards, Note book Cover, Diary Cover,
   - Trading cards, Pop display advertising, Stickers, Badges, Posters, Toys, 
   - CD Jewel case inserts, DVD case inserts, 
   - Binder inserts, Folders,
, greetings cards, 
   - Packaging, gift vouchers

How to submit art work for production

For the most common types of Lentiuclar production, we ideally require artwork provided in the following file types and formats:

Flip - Minimum 300 dpi - 1:1 scale - CMYK or RGB Tiff,PSD,Jpeg or bmp. 

2D/3D - (layered 2D to create 3D) -Minimum 300dpi - 1:1 scale- 
          Layered PhotoShop PSD files.

Animation - Minimum 300dpi - 1:1 scale - Avi, mov, static Jpeg, Tiff etc.

Zoom, Morph etc. - Minimum 300 dpi - 1:1 scale - CMYK or RGB Tiff, Jpeg or bmp

True 3D - Please ask

Combinations - Please ask

Artwork should be submitted by e-mail, ftp upload, or on CD or DVD (all formats) and should include a 3mm bleed for flip and animation or 5mm bleed for 3D (small format) 20mm (large format 3D)
Press proofs are usually provided, subject to time constraints (not applicable to business cards).

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